canvas major

Molly Undone

…or, unfinished. But undone sounds so much more interesting, like a 40-something woman sitting in the kitchen with disheveled hair, one leg up on the table, with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other.


No, this Molly is just back behind the door, removed from the easel where she has sat for the past month, waiting patiently to be completed.  Just the muzzle and tags, really.  Surely that wouldn’t take long.

In talking with other Somerville artists, I found that I am not alone in this practice of stepping away from the easel after Open Studios weekend.  I suppose it’s like allowing yourself to exhale.

For me, the other part of my life kicks in just as SOS ends.  Meetings are held, data collected, artwork is retrieved from the various exhibits, and then class notes for Herbstalk need to be completed and submitted.  Herbstalk, which happens a month after SOS every year, is to the canine herbalist in me what SOS is to the artist in me.

And so I thought that my little reprieve from the easel was due to my herbalist self stepping up.  But no; I am not alone in this practice of stepping away from the easel after SOS.

And if others do it, it must be OK.

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