canvas major


If you are looking for a standard head & shoulders portrait, I am not your artist.  Nor will I render your favorite photo in paint.  My work conveys stories and characters that generate questions such as “What expression is that?” or “What’s happening, there?”   Sometimes it’s funny, or faceless, or even unflattering; other times, it’s completely ambiguous.  I look for that je ne sais quoi that portrays something specific of the subject’s personality while also something unexpected or unconventional to the viewer.

With that said, I’m happy to accept commissions.  If you would like a painting in this style, simply email or call me. I can set up a photo shoot in order to explore the subject’s moods and persona, as well as optimal contrasts in light and shading; however, I have found that the images that are most striking are often the candids that have been captured when the person or dog (or other subject) was doing something funny, or sleeping, or exhibiting some endearing, quirky behavior that I, as a stranger, would not be privy to when trying to set up a shot.  So, if you have a good quality picture from which you’d like me to work, send it to me as a .jpeg and we can go from there.

Pricing varies based on canvas size and composition (e.g., two faces will be more expensive than just one), but a basic estimate goes something like:
24” x 24”…….$600
24” x 36”…….$900
36” x 36”…….$1300
36” x 48”…….$1700

I am happy to do custom sizes, as well, but I will not work smaller than 24 x 24, as the lack of size fails to convey the boldness of the image that makes my style work.  The sizes above are listed merely to provide a range.

A simple contract will be provided, as well as periodic updates so that you can watch its progress.  Once finished, the painting will require some time to dry.  Oil paints are notoriously slow to dry, so some patience may be required!  Once completely dry (at least 6 months and, if local, it can dry on your wall), the painting may then be varnished.

email: canis_major at
phone: 617-501-WAG1


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